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I could be a hero, like in the fairy tales.

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the demons all around you waiting
for you to sell your soul
Dean Graphics Challenge

punkrockcrowley vs. salesassociatesteve
prompt: Black by Kari Kimmel

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Not anymore.

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staring down the stars, jealous of the moon. you wish you could fly.

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#in which Bruce Banner finally finds somebody who isn’t afraid to kid around with him #because he has a sense of humour after all #’i’m sorry, that was mean’ anyone? #but everybody tiptoes around him because ‘oh shit, he’s a monster’ #but then he meets Tony #someone who’s not afraid to be around him #someone who might actually be a friend #and that means so much to him and permeates so deep that even when he’s the fucking Hulk he still wants to save Tony’s ass #because by not treating the Hulk like a monster, Tony stopped him from being one


#because by not treating the Hulk like a monster, Tony stopped him from being one

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What happened to you?

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You’re not a grunt, Dean, you’re a genius. When it comes to lore…you’re the best damn hunter I’ve ever seen. Better than me, better than dad. I believe in you, Dean, so please, please, believe in me too.

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